Church of Scotland criticises spending on Trident
Church leaders have called on the UK government to clarify its position on replacing the country's nuclear deterrent. The Rev Ian Galloway, convener of the Kirk's church and society council, said: "We are very concerned the Ministry of Defence appears to be committed to spending over £2 billion of our money on submarines to carry Trident before the official decision on whether or not to go ahead with it."

Discussion Ideas

Here are some ideas for discussion on the themes of Trident and Peacemaking.

Four-Fold Crisis

Nuclear weapons represent a Fourfold crisis…

  • Political – world divided between a few nuclear haves v many have-nots

  • Economic – the costliest items in any military arsenal.

  • Environmental – misuse of energy that threatens life on planet. 

  • Spiritual - nuclear weapons demand of their owners the opposite of what God wishes for humanity

From WCC Asia President Soritua Nababan (29 January 2009)
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